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Most of my research projects evolves around decision support. This can be at a personal or organizational level. Learn more about past and current projects.

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Mainly teaching business intelligence (dashboards, data warehousing, data mining) at the bachelor and master levels. Learn more about other courses I teach.

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Current and past results of research projects are published in conferences and journals. Learn more about our findings.

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Cédric Gaspoz's research focuses on information aggregation, primarily to support decision making. He explores ways of aggregating disseminated information to structure it and increase it's significance. His research covers a broad range of topics like prediction markets, group decision support systems (GDSS), negotiation support systems (NSS), semantic search and Mashup. His actual focus is on using prediction markets to support portfolio management of research projects in mobile information and communication systems. Furthermore, he works on developing an information portal for call for papers, conferences announcements and job positions for the IS community, by aggregating multiple information channels like mailing lists and web search.

His research has appeared in the Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Science. He was also interviewed in different swiss medias like Le Temps, 24 Heures, Le Matin Dimanche, the Swiss French Television (TSR) and the Swiss French Radio (RSR).